Malka Hans (Urdu: ملکہ ہانٚس‎), is an ancient and populated town of district pakpattan,punjab.Before the partition, different families such as HANS,KAMBOH,MEHR..etc used to live here.Besides these,Respected families of HINDU’S culture also lived here and after partition they migrated to INDIA and their houses and worship places even now exists as Pernami temple Gurdwara and purani havelian… which are great master pieces of ancient crafts.

After partition or separation different other nations(muslim) inhabited here such as RAJPUT WATTOO and MALIK families.

It is interesting to note that all nations before and after the partition who inhabited here live with sense of unity and brotherhood.There is no a single event which may cause to any kind of destruction.

The population of MALKA HANS is about 45000.

The name of MALKA HANS linked with a person of HANS family named MIAN MALIK MUHAMMED HANS.

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