PLAYGROUND for public forex investire soldi Here is the great news for the sports loving personalities of malka hans. اسهم البنك بلاد شراء DSC_3572

مستشارك للاسهم السعودية We have come to know that Mian Khalid Saeed Hans Chairman has decided to give you the play ground in malka hans.

رموز الاسهم السعودية It was said that the new play ground will be available for public in next 2 to 3 months. ماهي طريقة تداول الاسهم Playground will be near Noorjhung abadi. اخبار الفوريكس image02

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دراهم الاسهم الاماراتية Here is the list of candidates of General councilor ward wise in Malka Hans for the Baldiyati Election If it will happen any more.

Ward No 1

مؤشر السوق الاسهم 1.Mian Muhammad Kamran s/o Ilahi Bakhsh

jobba hemifrån sundsvall 2.Muhammad Iqbal s/o Abdul Latif سعر اونصة الذهب اليوم 3.Muhammad taufail s/o Gul Muhammad تداول اسهم الاسمنت السعودي 4.Abdul Majeed s/o Muhammad ali

föra över pengar från forex 5.Gulzar ahmad jhangir اخبار الاسهم السعوديه تداول 6.Muhammad dilshad asghar كيف تكسب المال من يوم التداول 7.Iqbal hussain s/o manzoor ahmed

8.Ismaeel s/o Sardar Muhammad

Ward No 2

1.Muhammad riaz s/o niaz Ahmed

2.Muhammad Ali s/o ALLAH dita

3.Ali Buhader s/o Muhammad Ramzan

4.Muhammad qaiser s/o Maqsood Ali

5.Akhtari Bibi w/o Nasir Ali

Ward No 3

1.ghulam Rasool s/o Abdul Aziz

2.M. Mehmood s/o Tahir Mehmood

3.Dilshad Ahmed s/o Rasheed Ahmed

4.Muhammad Hanif s/o Muhammad Fazil

5.Nazir Hussain S/o Muhammad Youqoob

6.Muhammad Boota s/o Muhammad Ramzan

7.Azher Mehmood s/o Muhammad Hanif

8.Abdul GHafor s/o Hassan ali

9.Rana Abdul Haii s/o Muhammad Usman

10.Rana Faqeer

11.Abdul Aziz s/o Abdul Razzaq

12.Umer Daraz S/o Subhan

Ward No 4

1.Nazir ahmed s/o Ibrahim

2.ALLAH dita s/o Muhammad sadiq

3.Syed Ali Hassan s/o Syed Ashiq Hussain

4.Zulfiqar Ali s/o Muhammad Yameen

5.Afzal Shah s/o Wallayat Ali SHah

6.Qasim Ali s/o Ali Muhammad

7.Munawar Hussain s/o Muhammad Yaqoob

8.Ghulam Nabi s/o Bagh Ali

9.Rao Muhammad Aslam s/o Islam Din

10.Muhammad Rizwan s/o Manzoor Ahmed


Candidates of chairman with vice chairman

  1. Khan Muhammad s/o Muhammad Islam سعر الذهب اليوم الامارات / Arshad ali fakhar s/o khan muhammad
  2. Muhammad iqbal s/o Muhammad sultan handlu na rynku forex / Muhammad Anwar beto s/o Abdul Aziz
  3. Azhar Hussain s/o Muhammad Sultan / Suhail Anwar s/o Muhammad anwar
  4. Khalid Saeed Hans s/o MIan Muhammad / SharifAbdul Qayyom s/o Abdul Aziz
  5. Mian Fakhar Hayat s/o Gilzar / Tanvir Ahmed
  6. Rana Muhammad Ahsan s/o Sultan AhmadRana  /Muhammad ejaz s/o M. Yaseen
  7. Muhammad zaman s/o Sultan / Najam ul Hasan Shehzad
  8. Muhammad Boota / Muhammad Faryad
  9. Muhammad shafique s/o Ashique ali / Bashir ahmad s/o Muhammad Ali
  10. Khalid Mehmood s/o Haji Najam ud din / ALLAH bakhsh S/o Gooma
  11. Rana Sajid Hussain s/o fakir hussain / Iftikhar hussain
  12. Muhammad saeed s/o Muhammad islam


Baldiyati Election 2014 Delayed

Supreme Court has accepted the demand of election commission. Election commission asked to delay the baldiyati election due to unavailability of belt paper for election and hence announced that baldiyati election in Punjab and Sindh will be going to held later. Supreme court allowed the election commission to do this yesterday. New Encirclement and laws are authorized for upcoming baldiyati elction said by Election commission and thy said they said that it takes about six months or more long to print belt paper and this encirclementation.

They said tht the payment slip of candidate is used again for next time.

In this way Billions of rupees are wasted in campaign.


Election News from LHC

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) Tuesday declared new delimitations of the constituencies in the province void.


A full-bench of the high court in its ruling directed the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to conduct new demarcation of the constituencies in the province.


The court also ruled to hold local bodies elections in accordance with the schedule.

After this decision the schedule of election comission for the baldiyati election was rejected.

and LHC also announced that Punjab government will have to conduct these elections with in due time.

For more detail click below..

LHC decision


Baldiati Election

Now there is a wander scene of election season you say baldiati election.There is a big difference in Baldiati election and other election and as that way situation also differs in this election.I hope those who will be selected by us prove themselves as a good and ability having leaders.I do not point out any party or leader,i just remember you there was no play ground,no park etc even in this modren era so do not be silly as we were earlier in election selected those candidates who are able to these seats.

Now there will be a wonderful political scene in Malka Hans and we are hoping as earlier we do that some one solve these problems.