HEER WARIS SHAH شركات التداول في الامارات IMG_1968

توصيات مجانية على الجوال Here is the complete book of sufi saint poet Waris Shah…’HEER’..

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Main Mosques of Malka Hans اسعار الذهب العالمية مباشر

شركات الفوركس الموثوقة Some main mosques are listed below and their discription what ever we find about these mosque we listed below.

سعر جرام الذهب في السعودية Some information we could not find out any one who have information about any of this mosque please confirm us and some mosques also missing,any one who knows please inform us.

Errors may occurs so if you really found any mistake please inform Team.

Masjid Naqsh Bandi

This masjid Naqsh Bandi is the some how new mosque of malka hans as compared to the other famous mosque of malka hans.

The founder of this mosque is forex bank kurser Respected Sufi Iftikhar (Aary waky).

The Imam of this mosque is اسهم الامارات N/A.

This mosque is present at  the ad’da Malka Hans.

Masjid Faizan e Madina

Masjid Faizan e Madina is one of the new mosque among the other new mosque of Malka Hans.

The founder of this mosque is respected valutahandel rik Hafiz Gulzar Ahmad.

Now Imam of this mosque is Respected valutahandel på margin Hafiz Muhammad Sadiq.

A madarassa is also running here for the Islamic education that is also run by these two respected personalities.

This mosque is present near Choungi No.5.

Masjid Baba Bulley Shah

Masjid Baba Bulley Shah is one of the oldest masjid of Malka Hans among the other old mosques of malka hans.

The founder of this mosque is Respected شراء من السوق في لندن على النت Sheikh Abdul Shakoor.He was bechlore from Ali Garh University.

Now the Imam of this mosque forex öppettider karlstad N/A.

This mosque Baba Bulley Shah is present in Mohallah Chadyan wala.

Waris Shah Mosque

Waris shah mosque is also one of the oldest mosque of malka hans among other old mosques.

This mosque was named because the great islamic punjabi poet Syed Waris shah stayed here and write a well known HEER.

It was also said that Malka Hans is well known recognised in the world Because of this mosque.

For more detail about this mosque and Waris shah…

اسعار الذهب اليوم 2 3 2014 Click Here

Masjid Ahl e Hadees

Masjid Ahl e Hadees is one of the oldest masjid of Malka Hans among the other old mosques of malka hans.

The founder of this mosque is respected  forex valuta lettland Molvi Muhammad Sadiq.It is said that Molvi muhammad sadiq’s parents were Hindu before partition and when migration start Respected Molvi Muhammad Sadiq become muslim and then laid the foundation of this mosque.

Respected كيف تتاجر في الأسهم الاميركيه Molvi Zikriya also participated.

Now the Imam of this mosque is Respected Hafiz Abdullah S/o Muhammad Tahir sb.

This mosque (masjid Ahl e Hadees) is present at the main road of malka hans at Ahl e Hadees Chowk.