Prize Distribution Ceremony

اخبار مباشر السعودية Here is the prize distribution ceremony at the union council level Malka hans in punjab youth festival 2014… ابي اشتري اسهم بقيمة ٤٠ دينار some pictures of ceremony…

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تداول اسهم السوق السعودي A match played in pakpattan at Tehsil level after completing the union council level. This match is all along one sided approximately after some when match starts because malka hans team is strong enough and have some experienced players in it and they show thier experience in this ame and at last what should we axpect from  this match…

سوق الايهم السعودي Malka Hans Kabadddi team have won this match.. forex power signals Some clicks of this match at Pakpattan is given below have look.. سعر شراء الذهب اليوم في السعودية 1001543_287965871356022_472607128_n 971952_287965001356109_12800665_n (1) 971939_287965604689382_908508120_n 14816_287966044689338_938111869_n 11547_287965701356039_2068549778_n 11547_287965701356039_2068549778_n (1) 1013206_287965534689389_742045211_n 1185044_287965528022723_1075837654_n 1486581_287965734689369_408776501_n 1499632_287965808022695_1388999208_n 1508169_287965908022685_1797146933_n 1554373_287965451356064_1343140050_n 1546315_287965474689395_916620054_n (1) 1545785_287965418022734_1752036275_n 1512818_287966121355997_2138348648_n 1510969_287965844689358_1600751250_n photo0938 1661502_287965981356011_1209755662_n 1601501_287965221356087_1068713156_n 1619260_287965991356010_1075490072_n 1743723_287966071356002_1899674131_n photo0940 photo0941 1794531_287966084689334_328486792_n 1622838_287964558022820_1429631203_n arifwala vs photo0942 photo0946 photo0936 1656419_287965948022681_588203708_n


We should be very happy of course on the brilliant performance of kabaddi player how they play like a unit and a great win against Arifwala team, what a great performance by the whole team and defeat the arifwala team full flag. Its not the one man work its team work in these seasonal games.

But a bad happening in the next match which should have played agaimst pakpattan team but unfortunately some player of malka hans join the other team we dont know what the hell reason is that and then malka hans of course will loose its match but malka hans team did not play that match i think they done well.

We on the behalf of malka hans really appreciate the efforts of malka hans team boys and hope for good next time.